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If I Never Knew You by anobouzu If I Never Knew You by anobouzu
While listening to the awesome song by Jon Secada, I was thinking...damn, I had so many frackin' OTPs as a kid! All thanks to Disney and some of Don Bluth's films :heart: And I don't regret any of them. So I made a stamp because I'm feelin' all lovey n stuff. These are some of my favorite pairings from childhood movies. They are not ranked in any order of preference or anything, but my favorite is John Smith/Pocahontas <333333 (THE SECOND MOVIE IS A LIE!!!)

In order of appearance:

Aladdin x Jasmine (Aladdin) [Disney]
John Smith x Pocahontas (Pocahontas) [Disney]
Cinderella x Prince Charming (Cinderella) [Disney]
Snow White x Prince Charming (Snow White) [Disney]
Jack x Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) [Disney]
Simba x Nala (The Lion King) [Disney]
Lady x Tramp (Lady and The Tramp) [Disney]
Phoebus x Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) [Disney]
Shang x Mulan (Mulan) [Disney]
Tarzan x Jane (Tarzan) [Disney]
Ariel x Eric (The Little Mermaid) [Disney]
Aurora x Phillip (Sleeping Beauty) [Disney]
Hercules x Megara (Hercules) [Disney]
Belle x Beast (Beauty and the Beast) [Disney]
Pongo x Perdita (101 Dalmatians) [Disney]
Bambi x Faline (Bambi) [Disney]
Robin Hood x Maid Marian (Robin Hood) [Disney]
Odette x Derek (The Swan Princess) [Richard Rich]
Hubey x Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin) [Don Bluth]
Dimetri x Anya (Anastaia) [Don Bluth]
Cornelius x Thumbelina (Thumbelina) [Don Bluth]


(c) Disney, Don Bluth Films, FOX, Richard Rich
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March 30, 2012
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